Independence to Dependence : Freedom Found


Are you tired of pretending? Do you push everyone away because you are scared of getting hurt? Although you have it all together, are you dying inside from the hurt and pain of your past? In Independence to Dependence Freedom Found, I describe my traumatic childhood and talk about not just freedom, but the power of true love and restoration.

This book goes beyond attending church on Sunday but shows how to develop a relationship with God and receive absolute love. This book is for anyone who:

• Has been broken and shattered by loved ones
• Needs freedom from past hurts
• Seeks indescribable peace and joy and a love that transcends all barriers
• Desires to experience life-changing forgiveness
• Wants to have a genuine relationship with Jesus

Join me on this journey. You don’t have to be strong anymore. You don’t have to carry the load. I know all too well what it is like living like this as I lived that way for over twenty-five years. My hope for you today is that you can find freedom from whatever holds you down.

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