Ordinary or Extraordinary

What kind of life do you want?  Before you answer, let’s look at the definitions of both of these terms.

Ordinary means with no special or distinctive features, normal.  Synonyms are common, usual, standard, and typical.

Extraordinary means very unusual or remarkable.  Synonyms are exceptional, amazing, astonishing, marvelous, sensational, wonderful, incredible, spectacular, and stunning.

Ordinary or Extraordinary

After looking at the meaning of the words, I will ask again, “What kind of life do you want?”  Did you choose extraordinary?  Who doesn’t want an amazing, exceptional, and truly astonishing life, right?

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Let me share with you how this question came about.  A few weeks ago, when I was talking to my ten-year-old son, he responded, “Mom, that is just what boys do?”  He was right, he was doing just what boys do, but it did not sit well with me.  His actions were not wrong; however, I am trying to teach him to be a gentleman and not just a man when he is older.  I believe he can be extraordinary, but was I asking too much?  Then, as we were driving home yesterday, God asked me, “Do you want to be ordinary or extraordinary?”  I didn’t hesitate and quickly answered extraordinary.

God shared with me if we want an extraordinary outcome, whether it’s to life in general or something more specific like friendship, marriage, a relationship with our children, work performance, teenage years, etc. then we have to do extraordinary things to get it.  We can’t live our life doing what is common, usual, or typical and expect to get anything less than common, usual, or typical results.  You may be okay with that, but if you’re not, then you need to start doing extraordinary things.  You may be asking what that is. Well, let me share with you what I mean.

Extraordinary Actions = Extraordinary Results

To me, it is living out the definition of extraordinary.  Making choices that are very unusual and not typical or common.  I believe that is different for every one of us and different for each walk of life.  For my children, it is my son being allowed to be a boy, but having self-control and choosing when it is time to calm down.  It is treating a girl, starting with his sister and mother, with respect.  For my daughter, who is fifteen, it is making hard choices when it comes to her academic life, her friendships, and her decision not to date until she is ready for marriage.  She was taught the truth about life and the Word of God and was given the freedom to make choices.  Her dad and I did not make them for her. I have had the honor to watch her make unusual and unpopular choices.  I believe she will receive extraordinary results for that. 

For me, it was obeying God and selling my business five years ago to homeschool our children.  That decision was very unusual and did not make sense at all.  It was a successful business and believe me running a business was a lot easier than homeschooling and raising children.  By raising children, it means spending time with them to teach them, guide them, and be there for them.  Each day brings new challenges, and I don’t know how anyone can do it successfully without God.  I need God and His Word to do this job.  I have not been perfect and have made many mistakes.  But I have learned that it is a natural part of life.  I have learned it is our response when we fail that counts.  I don’t hide, I admit (this doesn’t come naturally to me) when I am wrong, especially to our children.  Then I do it again, the right way, maybe taking it slower, or using a new approach.  Parenting is hard, but the reward is more significant than any job I have had.

Chris and I were able to communicate and spend quality time together as our children went to their granny’s.  As we were thanking God for where we are today, we discussed how, just a few years ago, we had grown apart and was near divorce.  I will share the complete story with you one day, but for today I want to tell you how I realized in our conversations that one of the biggest things that kept us from divorce was each of us making the extraordinary decision not to discuss each other’s weaknesses, and mistakes, with other people.  There were days that I was mad at Chris and did not like him much, but I did not talk about Chris’ imperfections, especially with friends.  See, friends, meaning well, can lead you to make decisions based on your conversations.  They see only your side, and although they mean well, may suggest divorce to you.  God showed us that although we failed each other and God for a moment, we quickly realized that putting God back at center in our relationship, and getting ourselves out of the way, allowed our relationship to be restored.  The extraordinary result has been a fantastic relationship with an incredible man.  God is in the restoration business, and when He restores, you get more than you started with.

I can give an account after account of many extraordinary things in my life, and they all started with an extraordinary action.  I had to do or say something unusual and not do or say something usual, and after a while, I received the remarkable, extraordinary results. 

What Extraordinary action will you do today?

What extraordinary action will you do today?  It just might bring about an extraordinary result tomorrow.  I encourage you to step out and be unusual today.  If you need guidance in that department, read the Word of God.  It is full of people that did unusual things and got remarkable results.  It is full of promises for one that does extraordinary things.  I have spent the last eighteen years doing my best to live according to these Scriptures and feel there is nothing better.  I leave you with this prayer and scripture to encourage you today.  I would love to hear from you.  Please comment and share with me the extraordinary things you have done and the result you had.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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God, I come to you today a humble servant.  I ask that You flood me with Your presence and teach me Your ways.  Holy Spirit I invite you to dwell in me today.  I ask that you show me extraordinary things I can do for my husband, our children, and others.  Let me share the love of God with others.  Jesus, my Savior, and friend, thank You for the example You lived and the sacrifice you gave for me.  Your praise will ever be on my lips.  Thank You for giving me life today.

“If you are kind only to your friends, how are you different from anyone else? Even pagans do that.”  Matthew 5:47 (NLT)

I would truly enjoy hearing from you.

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