The Journey Begins

My journey began last month as I ventured out to do what God told me I would do 14 years ago.  I began the journey to write a book for you.

This book is my real life events which chronicle how I was sexually abused however I suffered more from a non-existent relationship with my mother and grew up feeling hated by her.  I lived my life independent, living to survive each day.  From the outside I had it all together.  No one could see the hurt inside as I mastered the art of pretending.  I struggled daily with thoughts that condemned, accused, and belittled me.  I pushed everyone away, never allowing myself to get too close.  I was not going to get hurt again.  I was a survivor and proud of that fact.

But one day.  Yep, one day I reached the end of me.  I reached that place where the answers could not be found within myself and I found myself hopeless and helpless.  It was harder to pretend as I exhausted all efforts.  I found a church that offered me love and accepted me as I am.  I gave my whole heart to Jesus and began a new adventure.  It was scary and I was apprehensive but it was worth it.  I found forgiveness, peace, and joy that is indescribable.

I went on a journey and learned to forgive those in my past that hurt me.  It was hard but I knew how to do hard, I did it my whole life.  When I forgave I found freedom.  Freedom from every hurt and pain of my past.  As time progressed, God took me further and taught me to pray for those that hurt me.  This my friend is where I found restoration.  Relationships that had been severed and virtually non-existent were now restored and flourishing.

As I have walked with God the last seventeen years, I learned that true independence is dependence on Him.  I share real life of how I learned to not just attend church on Sunday but developed a relationship with God. I share with you how I learned to trust in God and depend on Him.  Although I have failed at times, He has never failed me.  I share with you what I learned love was, a love that transcends and breaks barriers.  A love that has no boundaries.  A love that is waiting for you.  Come with me on this journey.  You don’t have to be strong anymore.  You don’t have to carry the load.  I know all too well what it is like living like this as I lived that way for over twenty-five years.  I offer you love and freedom found, and restoration lived.  My hope for you today is that you can find it too.

Find Freedom Today!

I would truly enjoy hearing from you.

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