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In my new book Independence to Dependence: Freedom Found, I tell the remarkable real-life story of how with Jesus’ love, I overcame brokenness and learned to forgive those who hurt me. I lived my life independence and self-sufficient. Life taught me I did not need anyone and only the strong survive. The most remarkable part is no one would have known it. See, I learned to hide it well. I had many masks in my arsenal and I hid all hurt from everyone.

Love, what was that? Sure, I loved people. But only enough to if I lost them, or worse, they hurt me, I would not get hurt as bad. I lived a life with thoughts raging in my head that told me, “You are useless.” “You will never be loved.” “You are not good enough.” Thoughts that plagued my mind with everything I had ever done wrong and all the wrong that had been done to me.

So how did I go from that to living free? Yes, free. See, in my book, I share with you my journey. A journey of the brokenness I went through as well as the redemption, freedom and total restoration I found. It was hard, and at times, I thought I would never reach freedom. But today I stand free. This is what freedom looks like to me. I can talk openly about everything in past and there is ABSOLUTELY NO pain. There are no thoughts racing through my mind. There are no pictures of my past flashing before my eyes. I have peace, joy, and my mind is sound and free. Take this journey with me. I am open, honest, and real. It is not all roses as life is not always roses. I share when I fell, when I made mistakes, as well as when I received freedom and victory. I hope you will not only read the book but apply the principals I share to find freedom for yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope that this book will help you on your own journey.


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